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I have a DM TMCC Buffer connected to my layout via the Legacy Base.  It works perfectly.  However,   I had to send the Legacy base back to Lionel.  I substituted my Cab1 Base for for the Legacy base and tried to control the ZWL with my Cab1 remote.  It wouldn't work so I assumed either I was connecting it incorrectly or the Buffer would not work with the Cab1 base.  But once I disconnected power to the Buffer, the ZWL responded to my Cab1 remote, and I could run my Legacy and TMCC engines.

Question:  Is the DM TMCC Buffer incompatible with a Cab1 base, or should it be wired differently to the Cab 1 base then the Legacy base?

My OP on the topic of using a Cab1 base with a ZW-L in command mode can be found here:


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There should be no issues running with any of the Lionel command bases, Legacy, BASE1L, or BASE1.  Plenty of people use the TMCC Buffer with the old BASE1 TMCC base.

The wiring for the two is exactly the same, the earth ground tether is inserted between the brick and the base, the track signal post goes to the buffer input, and the track output from the TMCC Buffer goes to the track.

John,  Here's my wiring:

1. Yellow from 1st Buffer post to the Cab1 Base binding post.

2. The 'earth ground' tether connected to Buffer 'earth ground" (

3. The "Boost Out"  " to be connected to the outside rail."  To do this, I've:

    A. Connected it to the  ZWL 's "command base binding post"  but when I power up the Buffer I get a red light on the Buffer and no signal passes to the ZWL

    B. Connected it to the ZWL A-DU binding post, but when I power up the Buffer, same as A above

4. If I connect the command binding post on the Cab1 Base to the ZWL command binding post, all wiring as above, and power up the Buffer, still have  red light, and no signal to the ZWL. 

5. If I pull the power from the Buffer, signal passes from the Cab1 remote to the ZWL.

I'm stumped.  Could it be the earth ground?  I plug the Buffer power into a power strip that connects to another power strip which is connected directly to a dedicated outlet from the house power junction box.

Update:  I decided to contact Lionel.  When I described all the steps I took to identify the problem, they suspected it was a  issue with the serial signal. I sent the Legacy Base to them and here's what the tech said:  "Changed out the DB9 and tested . It recognize the train. Thanks"  I'm waiting for the Base to be delivered.

Kudos to Lionel Customer Support for all the help and quick turnaround

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