DM TMCC/Legacy Signal Booster

Sorry Phil, the party is over. John was only going to do one run of the booster, and the order period ended a couple months ago. He might have a couple extras though. Contact him via email.

I'm working on a cameo appearance of the buffer.  If I can find someone that wants to assemble some of them, I'll offer a few more assembled units.  I got the first 100 done in China, and I have blank boards and most of the parts for about 40 more, waiting on the last few parts.  These are thru-hole, so building is not difficult, just a bit time consuming. 

As Marty says, my plan with the parts and boards is to offer kits.  I'll probably prep the cases as the possibility of someone getting all the holes and slots in the right place without the drilling patterns is probably pretty low.


The Science and Magic department added the booster to our layout Tuesday, from all indications and the smiles on the faces of us Lionel runners, the booster hit a home run. We want to thank you for the hard work you did bringing this to fruition.


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