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So I'm stumped at what is going on with my upgrade.

I've double checked the wiring and the Chuff-Generator is working fine (I get a signal every quarter turn based on the board LED).

But, I am not getting any chuff signals to the Cruise Commander (sound) or the smoke fan "chuffing".  When I run the engine fast, I occasionally get a chuff or a fan chuff in time sometimes with a sound chuff (but only occasionally).  My lights are also not working (they are grain of wheat bulbs, not LEDs).

What I did:

Since this is a new install, once everything was in and wired, I programmed the Engine to be Engine 95 and then pressed AUX1 - 4 while still in program mode.  I retraced all my wires through the connector between the Engine and Tender.  Lastly, I made sure the the Super Chuffer is insulated from the body.

What works:

Idle Sounds, Whistle, Bell, Rear Coupler, Rear Light.

Here is a video I took.  You can see the the light on the Chuff-Generator working as I wanted (every quarter turn), but you won't hear any chuff, and if you look at the smoke fan, you will see that it only stops spinning once in a while.

Did I do something wrong or is the board bad?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, the Rule-17 headlight output is ONLY for LED, so any GOW bulb won't work there.  As for other things, I'd have to know EXACTLY how it's wired ( like a diagram ) to know what might be happening.  Obviously, every Super-Chuffer is bench tested on my test set before it leaves, so the possibility of a failure is pretty rare, but anything's possible.  Also, incorrect wiring can, of course, cook them.

The included heatshrink is to protect the Super-Chuffer, having it out in the open is not as safe.

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