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Spring and summer are severely reduced train time, so the time I do get is precious.

My ongoing project is to repaint and upgrade this AtlasO SW-9.  I was extremely disappointed last evening when I removed the masking tape for my white stripe and the paint came up with it.    I was very patient too.  So, the only thing I can think of was I used an unknown and untested brand of paint.

I typically like to use Tru-Color or Tamiya.  Unfortunately, I either have to order that online or drive 40 miles one way to a LHS.  I should have done that. 

I was out of white, so I purchased this bottle of paint from Michaels, said to be good for airbrushing.


I gave the model an alcohol bath for 48 hours to remove all paint.

Primed the model with Tru Color primer.  Let cure for 24 hours.

Painted the sides white.  Let cure for 24 hours.

Applied the tape.  Painted white over the tape to seal the seams. Waited 24 hours.

Painted the entire frame black.  Pulled the tape off about an hour later. 

Not happy.  Strangely, one side was worse than the other.

Staring over with an alcohol bath.  Ordering Tamiya paint today.




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What kind of tape are you using?  Maybe the tape was the culprit?

Good tape too.  Tamiya model tape.  I even took a little glue off by putting in on my shirt first then applying it to the model.

@texgeekboy posted:

I’ve never done anything like this, so my question is from ignorance. Do you lightly ‘rough up’ an area like where your white stripe is before painting, or would doing that create visible marks after painting?

I have never gone that route.  I would want to preserve the surface.  Else I would need an exceptional primer to fill in those scratches.

I guess it was just bad paint as you suggested.  It sure looks like most of it came off the side in the pictures!

Been doing some research this AM on primers.  I may try some rattle can primer specifically made for metal.

@Norton posted:

You could “cheat” and just use some matte white striping tape. Most all hobby shops and auto paint stores stock it.


Well I guess that is what the real railroads use.  That stripe I'm painting is really reflective tape on the prototype.



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Metal primer for sure. And 24 hours may or may not be enough time for full cure, even if it flashes off and feels dry.  If there’s no plastic on the frame, consider baking it at 200 degrees and leaving it in the oven to fully cool back down.  If you just need a white stripe, why not just paint it black and decal the stripe on?

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