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@Craftech posted:

That's 027 track.  Not sure which one the OP was asking about.

When you did that did you just shim the transition section or the entire 027 section?


Yes- it's 027. I'm sure standard O would work as well. I have 1/8" cork under the tubular so the FT is right on the board and the rail heights worked out OK.



The tubular end of the transition track is dimensioned to be identical to 'O' Gauge Track.  Thus the tubular end is no different than either end of a standard O Gauge straight track section.

So, to me your statement then becomes "I have tried to connect O Gauge track to O-27 and it was practically impossible to get it to mate up with the O-27."   Am I right with my interpretation?

Given that O27 was introduced about 75 years ago this turns out to be one of the oldest questions asked about mating track in the postwar era, and it comes up VERY often on this forum.  The answer is: No it's not impossible.  In fact in most cases it's only mildly difficult, with a little persuasion and, of course, a shim to raise the O27 up to reach the holes/pins on the end of the O Gauge section.

Perhaps there's some issue with your O27?  Is is old (vintage), or new?  Clean or dirty?  Lionel or Marx?

Let us know what you find.  It shouldn't be that hard especially if its newer, relatively clean, and made by Lionel.


There is a height difference that can be accommodated by placing a shim under one end (and optionally the middle) of the adjacent O27 piece.  Also I believe there is a slight size difference in joiner pins between the O and O-27.  Looking at the info online, both size pins appear to be included with the new units.

Here's a link to the Lionel Store:

And a picture:Fastrack Transition Piece


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  • Fastrack Transition Piece
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Let's not overthink this.

It works with O27.  You just have to shim up the end of the O27 so it matches the height of the Fastrack

A far as the OP and Bascule Bridge, it works great.   What I did was take the transition track. pull the pins, cut down the sides, and it slide right in.


On the other side, the bridge comes down perfectly on the three tubular style pins of the transition piece.

FYI  I do NOT use the ungainly line-up bracket with my bridge


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