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I am looking for some track plans for a layout no larger than 4 x 8.  It would be for a small On30 locomotive, two short  mining cars, and a bobber caboose.    The track I found a deal on is ME code 83 flex.  I can also get #5 turnouts RH and LH.

Anything ring a bell that fits the bill?


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I'm a Black Sheep< On30. and recently  had to tear my Narrow Gauge down, Had to move.  It was built in a 10'x10' bedroom . on a frame that was 24"s  deep . as far as  track plans  pick up a copy of 101 Model RR track plans  ( or any ho track plan) from Kalmbach publishing, and if you are on  face book , there are a bunch of us . ( good people)    Just remember This is still O scale on HO track and The buildings are bigger and you will need bigger clearances  on the sides and over the top.  with 18" R you can run most every thing that Bachmann makes, but some of the Brass  On30 takes a larger radius

Google Iain Rice track plans. Most of his plans are in HO, but he has some very creative ideas. The one thing about his plans is he seems to not use traditional turnout sizes so you would want to double check his plan plan against a regular turnout to be sure it fits into your space. I especially like his 'Lillyput Logger' plan which if modified, might work as a starting point for your space. Also for point  to point the classic 'Gumstump and Snowshoe' would be a lot of fun to do. I might also look for ideas in G scale narrow gauge track plans. Those modelers also get creative fitting plans into tight spaces.  Good luck, keep us updated.

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