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Mark Boyce posted:
FlyPlanes-PlayTrains posted:

B&O museum is a wonderful place...AE7C6D63-2C65-4782-A1E3-FEC37A7C821F3072F1DD-67C9-4662-8790-939562D6DCFD

I love your son in the bib overalls with one thumb up!!    Is mum holding a papoose?  I have to hand it to her taking the gang to the B&O museum!  

  Yes Mark that’s three month old Estelle hidden in that papoose, about to take her first train ride & marvel at the complexity of the museum’s Shay.  

  And mommy has again proven herself a was her idea to go that day, and I (embarrassingly) didn’t even know the museum existed!



F8E71742-B37D-4757-976C-8810B89CF261Last Tuesday I picked up my C & O M-1 turbine from My friend Clyde Louis at Stockyard Express in Oberlin, Ohio. He received it from MTH around May 1st . What a behemoth!! I put it on my plywood pike today I’m still working on. Had to rebuild the tunnel portholes account the long engine overhang in the tunnel #72 curves. I picked up the passenger cars back in April. Excuse the messy layout and shaky video.



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rtraincollector posted:

I have a set of FT's one with dual motors, Which I added a F-3 B-unit with dual motors ( both units have TMCC ) I have a A-B-A set with one A powered with dual motors non-tmcc. I also have a Double A set from Williams. The first set has MTH 17" passenger cars with a add on Dinner & sleeper se by MTH which is 18". The second set has Williams 16" passenger cars ( 6 ) and williams set is the freight set they put out. I need to get pics of all these I do have pics of the first set though ( just the engines. ) 

Not the greatest picture but anyway here it is. 


I now Have A-B-B-B-A the lead A and all the B's have dual motors and are TMCC/Legacy. I wonder it there would be to much draw of power for my Postwar ZW?

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