Do You Have Your First Set Of Trains ?

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I still have some of my early trains.



Oh, wow!  I had a set just like the one at the top of the pic!  I haven't thought about that in years!  What kind did you say those are?

They were made by Midgetoy. They did a lot of toy cars too. Rivals to Tootsie Toy.



When they were passing out brains, I thought they said trains and I asked for a slow one.

I wish I did. Years ago when I got married my father and myself took down my layout carefully putting all my Lionel trains and accessories in their original boxes for storage in my parents home.

A number of years later I decided to build another layout, this time in my home together with my two sons. I called my dad to inform him I was coming for my train, and when I looked in the storage area they were gone!  My father had no idea where they were so I called my younger brother. He informed me an elderly neighbor asked if he had any old toys to get rid of, that he would take them to an outdoor flea market and make him a bunch of money. My trains were sold and my brother received $20. 00 which at that time may have been a couple tanks of gas. Sad story , however there is not much you can say. He was my only brother.

My first set consisted of my father's pre war American flyer royal blue set and my uncles 1950 681 S-2 turbine set. The following accessories  were included, a 364 log loader, AF seaboard coal loader, AF magnetic crane, AF talking station, plus other track & rolling stock.

For now all their equipment and what I collected is in storage tubs..waiting for an addition to my house that will include an extension of the basement for my permanent layout.

I ran the S-2 for the first time in 25 years last Christmas. Lubed the critical points and the engine came to life as if no time had passed.

I was pretty lucky back in 1965. My uncle was going to sell everything, my dad said no way. $75.00 changed hands & the rest is history.







Unfortunately not. We had a S-scale AF set under the tree growing up and when I was 10 my dad gave me a HO Santa Fe F3 A-A set.   The AF set was lost to time decades ago and the HO set stopped running about 5 years ago.


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I do, and now my kids play with it.


As for my 1st electric train set, I still have it too.  Here is the locomotive.


It's an old MARX that my grandpa fixed up and gave me.  The tender and freight cars were all plastic, and over the years playing with it, most of them got all broken up.  I still have them, but they are in a box.  Just the locomotive is on display.  I did find some tin cars on eBay a few years ago, and put them with it as you can see.  It still runs, for a bit until it gets hot, then it slows down and stops.  Once it cools down, it'll run again.  So I don't run it often as it only takes it like 5 minutes to get to hot to run.  That and the reverser sticks, mostly in reverse.  I've had it looked at by a couple people and none have been able to keep the reverser from sticking.  It's pretty old, and I did run it into the ground as a kid.  I'll keep it until the day I die.


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 Macleod?  That's an old Michigan name I know pretty well. Any relation to the loggers? Spend time on big Breavort?. Heck, I think the Mi.-U.P. Macleods owned a railroad line at one time, lol.

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