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I start and run my TIU/WIU on only when running trains. This means for each operating session I need to wait several minutes for everything to boot up, wait for the  DCS internet to start so my iphone can find the network, etc.   Does anyone just leave their TIU/WIU up  and running all the time?   This would reduce the amount of startup time when its time to run trains. As time goes on I'm finding the startup process is killing the spontaneous running of trains for a few minutes here and there.


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I never leave anything running when I'm not in the train room.  It doesn't take my stuff that long to boot up, I think the MTH WIU is the last thing that is on-line for use.  The TIU and Legacy command base are up in a few seconds.  The Lionel WiFi is up in around 15-20 seconds.  The MTH WIU seems to take the longest, but I only use it occasionally as I still prefer the plain old remote.

I always unplug everything when not in use.  A few years ago, I had a power surge (nearby lightning strike?) that fried a TV, cable box, garbage disposal, and the electronics in my tablesaw.  There was just enough loss to make it not worth making an insurance claim.

I'm REALLY happy that my Z4000s and other train-related electronics were spared.  It would have been a case of instant un-gratification.

When I go downstairs to run the layouts, it's for relaxation. I take my time. Sometimes, I just go into the train room and admire the layouts and don't even run any trains. The trains and layouts are interesting to look at, even when nothing is running, although they've been there for many years. So, there's no hurry to get things moving. It's part of enjoying the hobby.


I have ( 2) 5 volt transformers that stay plugged in all the time, since they are essentially just phone chargers. They run a few LED lights. They're cool to look at night when I get up to pee (sorry for the's an old man thing...LOL).

Other than that, I have everything on power strips, which get shut off. I have had lightening strikes fry stuff and I think that overall, its a good idea to leave your DCS wifi off. Not to mention, my other devices are always trying to connect to it.

On a related note, my wife asked why there was a fire extinguisher in there. She got the "deer in the headlights look".

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Well... maybe, maybe not.

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