I don't have a favorite brand.  I own Williams brass locomotives (4), Lionel (2), and 3rd Rail (1).  All are TMCC controlled.  I don't own any MTH locomotives (they are pretty, but...) because of my experiences with DCS. 

I too, run scale sized locomotives, and I will buy the brand that has what I am looking for (within the limitations indicated above).  For example, I am looking for another 3rd Rail PRR I1s Decapod (short tender).


TCA, NMRA, PRRT&HS Modeling the PRR Panhandle Division between 1948-1957.

Most purchases are Lionel, some older but most from the last 30 years,  and I have plenty of old K-Line, current Atlas and a smattering of current MTH rolling stock and even older Weaver and Williams.  One 3rd Rail product.  TMCC/LC/LC+ only so I don't buy those pretty MTH locos .

I buy what I like, and I like what I buy.

Do I have favorite brands?  Yes, I probably do.  Will I only buy my favorite brands?  Not a chance!  There's no one single brand that offers everything I want.




2 Rails?  3 Rails?  Doesn't matter, I can't count that high in either case.

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I buy locomotives that run with MTH's DCS, so the operating system makes me brand loyal. However, every once in a while Lionel may produce a locomotive that MTH does not, and I must have it. The only case so far is the TMCC NYC S3 Electric, the icon of model railroading. In the future I plan to convert the S3 to PS32 so I can enjoy running it.

MTH Rail King locomotives have been outstanding on my railroad, so I am partial to Rail King.

As for trolley cars, passenger and freight rolling stock, I am not brand loyal.


Bobby Ogage

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I'm not brand loyal.  I have and run MTH, Lionel, K- Line, Atlas O, Williams, Kusan, and Industrial Rail products.   I like whatever appeals to me without emphasis on a particular brand.  I don't have any 3rd Rail products only because, although they make exquisite products, their products ( at least the ones I'd like to own )  are not within my budget.... perhaps one day I'll be able to have 3rd Rail in collection ... only time will tell.

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

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Scale only and brand is of little concern. I gather that there are quite a few out there who 'avoid MTH' because of DCS. DCS is terrific and when you consider the features that were available almost 20years ago with it, it's amazing that you've held out so long! Heck, it took Lionel quite a few years with  Legacy to 'sort of catch up' ...

Not brand loyal. Hi-Railer, modern stuff, a few older pieces for grins (I have a little Lionel 2-6-4 221 "collection").

I run TMCC and descendants, so the MTH locos are always second choice if Lionel and/or Friends also offer it. I like MTH stuff very much, as models. I have all brands; 3rd Rail and Wms are my least-owned of the in-business majors.

Rolling stock? Any good piece, but it always seems that MTH makes the nicest stuff. K-Line die-cast cars still make me look.

Nah. If it's something scale sized, lettered for the Santa Fe or Southern Pacific, and fits in the 1948-1951 timeframe I'll buy it. I have DCS and TMCC so it doesn't matter to me what control system the locomotive uses. All my steam locomotives are MTH Premier and DCS. Diesels are Lionel (except one MTH that was converted) and TMCC. It just so happens the models I wanted were manufactured that way. 

Santa Fe, All the Way

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