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Yes, it can be, with a TON of work.  It will require permanent (non-reversible) changes to the truck because you have to cut off the coupler arm.  Also, since there no mounting pad area, you're going to have to fabricate a one-of-a-kind way to mount your new coupler box.  Since this type of car isn't designed to accept Kadee's, you're going to have to get creative; but it can be done if you have the time, talent, and resources.


It is not a ton of work, just a typical 3 to 2 rail conversion.    Some of the newer cars have pads for mounting couplers, set at the correct height but many still do not. 

When I first started using Kadees, I just did one car and then matched other cars to it as went along.    After about a dozen or so cars, I bought a couple new ones with Kadees and realized they did not match height and would not couple.     Then I learned about getting a kadee coupler gauge, or an NMRA gauge, and setting all the couplers to that height.    From then on, new cars all worked with what I had - except on the very rare occurrence of someone else using a non standard height.

@RRDOC posted:

Ha, Ha.   Am I the only one that got the joke?  

John, will you also have a covered hopper loaded with Quadrotriticale? Maybe further back in the train . . .  

(For those that don't know, John is a very talented 2-rail scale modeler)  


Edit:  I see Steve got the joke

The Joke notwithstanding, the Tribble Transport car not only can be converted to Kadees, it must be converted to Kadees, as we can't un-think this, now.


Naturally, you’re talking total conversion— and seeking our encouragement while being just a bit modest... Understandable to say the least.

The OGR “community” is anticipating you’ll disassemble, (with strict preservation to the car load) lengthen the body, refit the frame, and replace wheel sets along with opting for express trucks, right? The additional length will afford space to accommodate the orange painted side panel below the roof to match the passenger consist... What Passenger Train? Your Aerotrain of course— anyway that’s everyone’s guess!

It’s unfortunate that Lionel had not offered the car in question in time for the 2018 O Scale National Convention. Your clinic attendees would have been more than impressed with this conversion in particular. Mr. Terrance would have been hard pressed to schedule another session for the Trekkie types alone, but only those who remember B&W episodes like me.

The greatest risk in running the Transport Car is that “expansion” is inevitable. The car sides will break apart ruining your efforts. Be prepared— that’s “The Trouble with Tribbles.”

Yes, I do occasionally delve into the whimsical, as Steve noted.  Just like Jonathan did in his post.

I originally posted this just to see the follow on comments.   But after seeing all the replies, now I feel morally obligated to order the car and cut it into my Broadway Limited. And don't worry SF Forbes, I even have some Commonwealth brass express trucks on hand so I can follow your suggeston. No other mods are planned though, in an effort to preserve originality.

As for a Quadrotriticale covered hopper...that is an excellent idea Bob!  But I'll probably have to make custom decals for it.   

Of course it will take time to do all this, so I'll have to push back my PRR E2b project a little further.  That, to paraphrase Mr. Montgomery Scott, "will be no tribble at all"

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