Do You Want To Buy It?

Going in to this posting, I must say that  it doesn't specifically mention trains, of any sort.  But, it may certainly  be apropos to any one of us concerning our train buying habits.  That said, this creation is not an original of mine.  I did get permission from the writer, Mike (wordsmith over at The Poet Sanctuary Forum) to reprint it.  i offer it for everyone's enjoyment.  In this Holiday buying season, many of us experience reluctance sometimes of making that big purchase, and sometimes waiver or vacillate over it before making the leap.  

Please accept this in the spirit in which it is offered: for the enjoyment of the sentiment, and humor that it subtly contains.  Bob Severin

Do you want to buy it?

Well I don’t know
The color seems right
So it’s bound to show
I wonder is it long enough
Although it probably is
But does it have the right amount
You know of pop and fizz

Do you want to buy it?

Well the price it seems quite high
This bit looks a little strange
But I can’t work out why 
I’ve been watching it for ages
And it seems just right for me
Is the package extra
Or does it come for free

Do you want to buy it?

Perhaps but I’m not sure
I nearly bought it yesterday
When I walked past the door
Is it guaranteed to last awhile
The label doesn’t say
Will I get a discount
If I pay you cash today

Do you want to buy it?

I need some thinking time
Will I leave it in this shop
Or shall I make it mine
Oh look the time is moving on
Oh dear how it flew
I’m sorry am I keeping you
Have you something else to do

Do you want to buy it?

Well I have to say I like it
It does look pretty neat
It’s kind of this and kind of that
And it comes complete
Oh let me have a closer look
Then I’ll make up my mind
Thank you for your patience
So thoughtful and so kind

Do you want to buy it?

You know I think I’ll pass
It’s looking kind of fragile
And it should be made to last
And yet I know you have sold a few
The display space is quite bare
And I don’t see any extras
Not in plain site anywhere

Do you want to buy it?

Yes here’s the cash in full
I will take it straight away
Oh they are going to love this gift
Each and every day
Oh look now that is different
Is that the only one
Judging by the ticket
It’s going for a song

Do you want to buy it?




Original Post

Buy, Buy, Buy.  Aren't those Joe McDoke's words ?

Dan Padova


"In the course of my life I have had to eat my words, and I must confess it was a wholesome diet"..........Winston Churchill


Bob, Yes I agree it is a fitting poem for our thoughts about buying trains.  I find it hard when either trying to decide if I am going to put out the cash for a locomotive or a special gift for my wife as she is a thrifty person for sure.

I had this vacillation of thought just a week or two ago when buying a freight car from one of our good Forum members, who knowingly asked if I wanted to buy a first generation diesel he hadn't posted for sale.  In this case I finally had another Forum friend ask if he could buy a steamer I had, but was thinking of selling.  Well in this case the cash presented itself to make the diesel purchase from the first Forumite.  How often does that scenario happen???  

By the way, Just last night I pulled out the Lionel Christmas switcher I bought from you last year.  The one that has a slight wobble.  I'll have it on the track again soon. 

Merry Christmas from your fellow Western Pennsylvania friend!!

lol this resented with me well Saturday. I knew I was going to get the 4501. I was mulling the Southern Hudson or the Pacific daylight OR pay in complete for the New Crescent limited. after research i figured the Souhern Hudson was  a tad harder to come by. Pacific is getting redone and well The Crescent isnt even out yet

Bob Severin posted:

The 4501 was a good choice.  I sold a really big one and still have seller remorse sometimes.  It was a beautiful loco.

i quite enjoy it, nice sounding and well i got the black due to me having a few green and gold. I am also happy with the brown southern beer can too.

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