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I decided to revisit my Lionchief 2.0+ 0-6-0T Docksider while I wait for lumber to become affordable so I can build my table.  One thing that has bugged me about this locomotive is the high gloss PVC plastic insert they used in the cab. I don't like the high gloss in particular but I also don't like how much of the cab it takes up (somebody stop me if this is in fact prototypical). So I set out to fix that.

I popped the shell off to find:


And I'm asking: Is that red arrow pointing to a heat sink? What are the odds that the PVC sheet used to cover this board passes enough heat to prevent problems for occurring?

I have some options for how I can redo the interior but none of it matters if I'm going to mess up the heat transfer and turn this engine into a fancy looking paper weight. I can always just add a flat clear coat to the PVC sheet and then paint some red knobs on it but I was hoping to do more than that if I can find the real estate. This engine is smaller than I realized.


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