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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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  I bought this on ebay years ago thinking it was an Athearn car, imagine my surprise when I removed it from the box and found that it weighed far more than an Athearn car. It is a very well constructed wood kit (Quality Craft?). I have not been able to find out anything and realized that I had never thought of asking here as I am mainly an O scale two-railer. TIA

Buckete Route boxcar posted 21may18

EDIT: I just realized that I took that photo on the small "layout" on my front porch in Florida and I have been here in Chester for almost nine years!


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  • Buckete Route boxcar posted 21may18
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Reporting marks "BR" belong to Bradford Industrial Rail, so I suspect this is purely a free-lance railroad. The "Next Load / Any Road" slogan might mean the car was originally lettered for Railbox, and the modeler removed some of the lettering and added their own.

AAR Railroad Reporting Marks (2023) (

p.s. I believe Quality Craft did make a Railbox kit, I think before it was available in plastic.

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