Jason gartner posted:

The billy budd hasn’t hardly been a show for last 10 years. The main bandit show is the Wyndham which still draws good amount of people especially depending on weather

Suppose it's raining?

HMS2035 posted:

OK. What is the Billy Budd bandit train show?


See the link BMORAN4 posted above to "Clem's York Primer".

The "Bandit" meets (though not called that in the Primer, see "30.NON -TCA SPONSORED TRAIN SHOWS DURING YORK WEEK") are swap meet events happening earlier in the week before the main TCA meet at the fairgrounds.

The "Billy Budd" has been located at what is now a Days Inn (Google Map link) on Route 30, a few miles to the East of Carlisle road (location of the Fairgrounds).  I believe the naming came about from a previous name for the motel.  It used to be a Holiday Inn (as did the Wyndham Garden referred to above), and they used to go by "Billy Budd" and "Holidome" to be able to easily differentiate between the 2 Holiday Inn locations.  I have no idea if "Billy Budd" was ever formally the name of the motel or not.


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