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Figured this would be best place to ask.


My track stock is Atlas O (I'm selling off my FasTrack and RealTrax), and I'm considering adding an elevated loop of Atlas O track on my Christmas layout in a couple of months to have the trolley (or maybe the M-7 Candy Cane Express run around). Looked at both versions of the MTH Subway Trestle Set (40-1047 and 40-1157) and while MTH mentions works with "other types of track" the instruction sheet only discusses Tubular.  Does the Atlas O track work with the Subway Trestles?  I would rather the subway trestle setup instead of the concrete block piers.  Not looking into developing an elevated subway system long term, just want to have an extra train running on the holiday layout in the limited 4x8 space.


If push comes to shove, I guess I could use the RealTrax as the elevated track, but I would rather not if possible. 



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I have used the Atlas track with MTH elevated piers by cutting 1/4 inch plywood as a base for the track that just fits inside the pier clip.  The plywood is good for attaching beams or other supports.  I have used older style Erector screwed into the plywood or angle clips also from erector.  There was a ton of old Erector at York last month.  I painted it and bent it to match the radius of the curved track.


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