Recently, I tried to operate an mth diesel engine using my z4000 in conventional mode as a test. The engine would start up but would not respond in any other way to the Z4000. The last time that I ran the engine was last winter using DCS system and all was fine. Does the engine need a DCS reset to go back to conventional operation? Or clear out the DCS address?

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On the RC3R layouts, we frequently have guests bring engines that are run "at home" with a transformer. Running their engine with the DCS is a real treat for them. At the end of their run session we routinely do a factory reset. Then, we unplug the TIU and do a quick conventional run check with the Z4000 just to ensure that there will be no issues when they return home.

I can't think of any negatives associated with a Factory Reset.

would  help us to help you if you give us the engine item number otherwise we have no idea what engine you have ps 2  3 volt ps2  5 volt or ps 3 with super cap ,you might have a bad battery and will not usually start up in conventional if battery dead or defective, does it run in dcs!

you know your question is like asking your doctor what's wrong and why you don't feel good . but you don't give him any information of your symptom's !

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Well Alan, the engine is a newer proto 3.0. I was trying to run it on a test track with the z4000 without setting up the TIU and DCS. I guess a better question would be: Does an engine typically need to be reset to run conventionally after being used on DCS? I thinks that Tom gave me some insight and my engine probably needs to be reset. 

Actually, it's pretty rare that I have any issue running a DCS locomotive conventionally after running it on DCS, that would be the exception rather than the rule.  I have seen that happen, but it's actually fairly rare.  Obviously, as Tom states, it certainly can't hurt to have it Factory Reset, and one thing that accomplishes is that it will also run with the DCS Remote Commander kit.

For PS-3 engines factory DCS resets and Conventional Reset handle different memory issues.  It is not the fact that it was run on DCS, rather it may be locked in neutral for conventional ops.  A PS-3 engine does not need a DCS factory reset to run in conventional, but just because it runs in DCS does not mean it is not locked in neutral conventionally.  Do a conventional Reset as Mrmacher stated.  G

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