Saw this on Ebay. I am no expert but this sure does not look like a repaint to me. I am familiar with the 1055 (I own two),  but I have never seen one with a front coupler and its a dummy unit, no motors. To me it looks like a 211T but with a 1055 paint job, but the paint looks factory. Now someone could have cut the front out for the coupler but the front cowl is different on the 1055. I'm stumped..

1055 on Ebay 


[IMG]1055 Front[/IMG]


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It's the real deal....It's from Promotional Sets. However, the front coupler is an add-on and not original.

1960 Promotional Set 1107....p351 in the Schmid book

1960 Promotional Set X-829.....p345 in the Schmid book

1960 Promotional Set X-541....p202 in the Schmid book


I see it now, so there were two types of shells produced, one with no reinforced ledge on the bottom front (like the ones I have) and one with a reinforced ledge on the bottom like this model. Now I wonder what the productions dates were and what other differences there were. Hmmmmmm this hobby just gets better and better. 

Thanks for all the great responses and info.

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