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@Adriatic posted:
The trucks aren't both equiped?; or are their turnouts that long or that close? I just wouldn't expect an E to stumble

Both trucks are single roller equipped.  What complicates things even further is that I run an AA, ABA, or ABBA and it makes it even worse when 2 powered A's are hesitating against each other.  Our club has 3 sidings for staging trains with crossovers running into switches.  My E-8's seem to run best on the outer track (1) which only passes over the 2 switches leading in and out on to that track.  I usually just put my E-8's on the mainline and pull my staged consist from the siding over the switches and crossovers and couple up by hand.  Tracks 2 and 3 is where I have most of my problems with the crossovers and switches together.  

I think a 2 roller pivoting landing gear type of roller assembly with the rollers spaced about 1/2" apart would do the trick if there was such a thing?

Echo on a tether. You only need one wire and a small connector. Get connector choosy and creative & I think you could pull the tether apart if you uncouple and pull off. (shielded male pin)

You'll find opposed arm sets at 2½"-3¼" or so but how feasible it is for that depends on the motor/truck fame bottom's height/shape/etc..

I find it hard to believe that an E-8 would lose power on a turnout or crossover.  The roller pickups are spaced pretty far apart. 

I would check continuity between the pickups.  Also check continuity between the front solid wheels and the rear solid wheels.  If not close to zero, check the ground screw connection on each truck.  The black oxide coating on the screws is notorious for high resistance connections when they loosen.  Tightening them helps, but I usually remove them and file under the head where it makes contact with the ring terminal.  Poor grounding of the trucks is usually the culprit when this problem occurs.

@Jon G posted:

I find it hard to believe that an E-8 would lose power on a turnout or crossover.  

It had me going too, but I hate to doubt anything not in my hands. Checking basics first is always prudent

I got a huge handful of nice pins & tube recievers decades ago from a supplier tossing old stock they weren't using anymore. I spotted them in an automotive replacement plug at a local store one day "grey weather tight oval plugs W/round pins"(GM if I recall right). They will hold 3-4 cars in an accidental uncoupling, but I can yank singles apart with throttle too. The dual wrap SAE U crimp is a little long but I mount the socket in or behind a small hole, and may or may not use the whole pin half, making a shortie like yours out of a pin or solid wire works just as well and looks better.

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