My friend has the Santa Fe Warhorse Hudson but is running it with another railsounds tender not the original one. All runs well except he can't get the smoke unit to respond to the Cab1 controller. Does the regulation of the smoke unit depend on information sent from the tender to the engine?

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No.  Lionel tenders only house the boards to reproduce the sound.  All other electronics are in the engine.  Does the engine have a smoke switch?  Many TMCC locs had a smoke switch underneath the engine which has to be in the on position, in order to control the smoke via the remote.  If so, make sure its turned on.  Blow down the stack to ensure there are no air bubbles. Whats the model number of the engine?

As Joe stated, everything regarding the smoke unit is found in the locomotive.

The problem could be the smoke unit element or the triac on the LCRU2 that powers it.

And if you haven't done a reset/restore of the LCRU2, that could be the issue as well. The correct code is 740, and both the loco and tender should be on the track when the reset is done.


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