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This has been brought to the attention of our production team. Due to the size and location of the decal, a replacement decal is not being manufactured at this time. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you,

Customer Service Representative
6301 Performance Dr | Concord, NC 28027
800-454-6635 ext 2 (o) | (web)

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@tom21pa posted:

That's a slap in the face.  Send it back.

I agree with Tom, send it back.  You didn't order a George Bush Locomotive - it was a Donald Trump.  Would they say the same thing if it was a Biden train with Trumps name on it?  

Or how about you ordered a classic C&O Blue / Gray / Maze color Locomotive and the decale read Santa Fe?  What the heck, their response is extremely poor.  I don't even own this engine and it bothers me that you folks have to deal with a firm that doesn't give a xxxx.

Very poor customer relations.

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