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Repro trucks are available from Trickel, wheels are available from Hennings, but no one that I have found is making axles. Trickel sent me one of his last axles for a sample, he won't make any more. Odd size, .156 brass rod from McMaster-Carr works great. Picked up some brass tube the just slips over the rod to create the spacers. Flared each end of the tubes a bit. This gives solder a place to fill and hold the spacer to the axle. Ready to populate a couple of cars.




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hojack posted:

Thanks for the research and info Steve.  How long are you cutting the rod for axles, and how long the tubing spacers?



The axle is 2-31/32" and the spacer is 1.5". No fancy tools used so measurements are approximates. These are tinplate after all and some variance is allowed. If using a different type wheel, the spacer would need to be adjusted accordingly.



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