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I have a 060 and 048 Fastrack double loop set up that I use for around the tree. With Christmas in the rear view, I am thinking about tossing the board in the spare bedroom and adding to the center of it until it's time to set up for Christmas again. I have attached the SCARM file of what I currently have. I have tried to figure out a layout that makes sense, but I have been unsuccessful. I have the following track supply to work with. I have four 036 CC switches(2LT, 2RT), a 072 CC wye, a set of bumpers, an operating track, elevated trestle, graduated trestle, several 10" straights, several 036 curves, a complete loop of 072 curves, a half a loop of 060, several 1 3/4", 1 3/8", and 5" straights, a 90* crossover, and several 036 quarter curves.


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  By only listing only the SCARM you are limiting your input to only Windows users and of those, only those with SCARM installed too.

  But including the file also lets those with the program create new ideas with your file as a head start.

A shot of the overhead view is most usable here imo.  If there are grades, show the % and just list the track types and dia. used with text.

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I wasn't able to view your track plan.  See the last post above.

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Sorry for the pile of questions! I work in limited spaces for my layouts simply because I dont have the floor space.

You want to be able to gut the middle whenever you need to use it for the tree?
Are you running each loop on its own power?
Average length of train?

Given the short length, its really difficult to put in a yard (but not impossible!). Let me whip up a few things.

Not a problem! Thank you for the help! Floor space is my problem as well.

Correct. I plan to gut the center for the tree. I have indoor/outdoor carpet on the board and it hides the screw holes well. I had a 036 inner loop on there at one point.

I am using command control and powering it with a 180w powerhouse. I like sidings, I have the trestle sets as well so I am not scared to go up! 

On length, I will adjust accordingly based on realestate. 

Keeping it simple and modular!

This will give you a bit of challenge when parking your train!

I dont like either of them because you are limited to the direction of travel. I would imagine you have something with electro couplers and can run the engine around. It also doesnt interfere with your outside 60".

Both of these fit your original size restriction. All interior sidings use your readily standing free parts.

On your note of going up, the trestle set... I own one and it is NOT conducive to being repeatedly taken apart (especially if you dont like having your fingers cut!). I've already broken the retaining tabs that join the bars on some sections.


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I think I will stick with the two loops and use one of your designs vs trying to cram in a third. I like the container set up that you have.

I see you are part of Kids Run Trains and the Tidewater group. If you don’t mind shoot me an email as I have some questions for you. 

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