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This is a fun thread.  Thanks for starting it, even if it was inadvertent.

As everyone else has said, first priority is comfortable shoes.  Second priority is to dress for the weather.  Third and nearly equal priority is to wear clean clothes.  It's sort of amazing that #3 even needs to be said but there you have it.

While the above are just suggestions, you'll also see a bunch of guys wearing...

  • Navy blue windbreakers onto which are hand-sewn about two dozen RR logos


    • Pants sagging off what appears to be a human being with no ***

    • Pants struggling mightily to contain a prodigious ***

  • Some long-in-the-growing beards that would make ZZ Top envious

Enjoy your first York.  You're gonna love it.  It's a feast in every sense of the word.

Steven J. Serenska


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I would add to dress for the weather.  Be prepared for warm and sunny to cold and rainy.


I brought my coat every York I've been to, only had to wear it the time there was snow flurries in 2019. The flurries were at night and didn't stick, that Friday morning I was at Strasburg with it on but after the sun came up, it got warm.

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