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That is strange. I have a very similar locomotive. It is a 2 rail NYC Dreyfuss and I do not recall it coming with a coil coupler. MTH made a number of different versions of this locomotive. Mine is 22-3522-2. I remember it was easy to add the Kadee coupler on to it. In fact I don't recall any of my MTH -2 steam locomotives coming with a coil coupler. I wonder if it was a mistake from the factory?

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I don’t know if this will help you out or not .....maybe Joe can answer as well,....I just converted a MTH NYC PT tender from 2 rail to 3 rail,...I have the mount for the 2 rail  draft box if that helps ......I am not that hip on MTH 2 rail, other than gutting them like fish for 3 rail......if you need this bracket, holler out, you can have it....just pay the postage for it....



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Blasphemy .

I always wonder why 2 rail stuff is scarce.....

Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful......believe me Joe, if I wasn’t so entrenched in 3 rail, ida gone 2 least I’m going 3RS ....does that help a smidgeon??...😁....heck, I can sell off the 2 rail parts to the brass guys, and make a lot of my money back.....but they don’t want the draft box mounts and what not, if you guys can use them, have at it,....they’d just be sittin in a parts box for god knows how long....the drive blocks sell off like hot cakes ona January morning....


@Eric G posted:

Thanks for the help, info and smokey vid.  I liked seeing that lead Dreyfuss trying to pull all alone for a bit.


I was running one train and the video camera. Our grandson was running the other train. I hadn't noticed the engines were slipping. I gave them a bit more speed and they took off up the slight grade the train was parked over.

If I had thought of panning the camera shot, you would have seen both engines spinning for a second or two. That's why I like running without tires.

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