For those of you streamlined-steam aficionados and woodworkers (or just someone who admires woodworking projects and steam engines) the latest issue of Woodsmith Magazine (Vol 41, #245) has as its cover project a wooden model of the Dreyfuss-designed streamlined J3a Hudson.  Here's a link to the Woodsmith site where you will see a small picture of the cover of the current magazine (which doesn't do the model justice).   The author used mahogany and maple, resulting a very striking model that shows a lot of woodworking skills that are beyond mine - well, at least a level of patience that would be a stretch for me.

The model is O-scale - at least the author uses a section of 2-rail O scale track to display the model - hence my posting this to the 2-Rail scale forum (it isn't obvious to me where one would post these kinds of miscellaneous topics that aren't really specifically linked to a gauge/scale).

Anyway, well worth checking out if you are looking for a challenging woodworking project - or simply want to admire the same.

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Norton posted:

The master of wood locomotives was Ernest Warther. His museum in Dover, Ohio is a must see.


I agree. I've been there. Fascinating man and museum. His family continues the knife-building business he started in a connecting facility, which you can also view. I regret not buying any knives while there. I appreciate such US-made products more now than I did then. Perhaps the next time I'm in the area I will do so. 

It turns out that one of my running and backpacking buddies is Warther's grandson - so I have heard about this museum.  I haven't been there, but its on my list for my next visit to Ohio.  Looking at the museum website, there's a picture of a beautiful wooden model of a UP 4000 class (Big Boy) locomotive (labeled as a Mallet type, which isn't correct, as the BB's are/were all simple expansion).

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