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The hair band trick sounds like a great option; I'll have to try it.

I'm in the same boat as you, looking for traction tires for my Williams locos. Everything I've tried is too wide or too thick; I also contacted 3rd Rail but never got a response after giving the wheel dimensions. 

The only option I've come up with is Bullfrog Snot. It isn't optimal, but if you take your time, apply it carefully and allow plenty of time for it to cure, I've found it to work very well. And, it's better than no tires at all. 

Hi Pete,

Try this link.  There's a listing of tires (cross-reference) between some of the Williams brass locos, and others as well, and tires from other manufacturers:

It looks like the effort might have been abandoned in mid-stream, but at least it's a start.



I was hoping folks would add to that list I made, oh well.  I haven't purchased any other engines that don't already use the tires I listed so for me there's nothing I can add.

I had thought about using heat-shrink tubing at one time but never tried it, don't see why it wouldn't work other than maybe it isn't strong enough to hold up under the strain.

I like the 3rd Rail tires, the ones I have have a checkered pattern on them for better traction.

Time for a cottage industry to spring up to make skinny tires.  

This same subject...traction tires...came up in July of this year.  I made a suggestion at that time that our traction tires in another realm are basically drive belts for players...turntables, cassette players, etc..  And a company such as...

Drive Belt Link

...makes flat drive belts...some of which might even fit loco drivers.  Although they're typically more pricey than traction tires, they may be of a higher quality, longer lasting material.  I was originally directed to them in searching for a drive belt for an old Lionel accessory...the Nuclear Reactor.  They had a direct, exact replacement!!  I doubt they'd directly cater to our needs, but they might be persuaded to help us....

Hey, maybe Hennings should consider adding traction tires to their menu of 'salvation sourcing'?  Setting up that cottage industry for our trains would require someone with that special kind of tact, knowledge, ....and a dash of capitalistic altruism! 

Lots of unanswered questions about translating applications, but it could be a start towards getting some help for sizes no longer available from non-existent train manufacturers......maybe?

Just a thought.   


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