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I have 2, 2004 era K line engines with tmcc both have dual can motors.  Run well, too well.  By the time I am at 12 of 32 steps, they are ready to fly off the track.   The heavier one if it has a few cars can run slow, but the lighter one at step 1 is running too fast to do a coupler connect without derailing everything.

Can I convert these motors in serial to slow them down?  Anything I should check for? Is there any other speed adjustment that can be done? 

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Here are pictures of the worst offender, a CTR RS3.   K-2416-4545  There is a radio, Railsound and RS power board.  Also the main power board for the motors.  And a smoke unit.  The motors are hooked up in parallel currently.   There are Prog/Run, SS/RS, Smoke switches and volume control.   

A close up of the main power board for the motors.

The right hand plug, Red/black is from the track, Brown/blue go to the motors.

What do I look for as far as momentum or other settings that would prevent wiring the motors in series?


Images (2)
  • Motor Power board
  • TMCC layout
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That has a stock DCDR with no cruise capability, wiring the motors in series is possible.  I don't know if you'll like the performance, but it'll work fine.

Thank You for the information.  I have been digging through the TMCC files on the forum and elsewhere.   I am still studying it out.  Running in serial may be better for low end, but that effects the top end voltage to the motor also.  With grandkids, I may not want fly off the track speed.   Testing to continue.     

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