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@CBS072 posted:

I built these out of plastic sheet.

Nice work!

Yeah, when I first saw the OP's post, I thought this would be an ideal scratch-build project, either out of plastic or even card stock. I may add this to the (long!) list of potential upgrade projects! Good luck, Tom -- it seems you have a few leads on finding off-the-shelf alternatives, and at least inspiration to try to roll your own if nothing is suitable. Good luck, in any event!


I just did an ebay search under model trains for dumpsters and got 22 listings under O scale.  One of the listings is for the Artista dumpsters I have.  4 sides and two lids glued together.  No bottom.  I left one lid open and made "garbage" from a broken piece of Styrofoam painted different colors and pushed up through the open bottom.

And you can always check Shapeways the 3D printing website.


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