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@Hartman posted:

I miss my children when they were young.
It was a magical time watching them grow.
I miss my sons more, now that they are in their 40's.
I have no grandchildren,
But I have great memories.
Maybe next year will be better for everyone.
Thanks for sharing that Christmas joy.

I have 3 sons now in their 30's and like you, I remember the magic.
It's why I still set up the Christmas trains and invite people over to play with them. It puts a smile on my face too.

As just one example, a couple of years ago a friends 3 year old was absolutely fascinated by the Santa Claus hand car. He loved making it go back and forth by putting his hand in front of it. He could have cared less about the rest of the trains that his older sister was playing with. He'd giggle every time he made the handcar change directions.

His older sister (6 at the time) was enthralled by the milk car and log dump car that was carrying candy canes. I have switches set up that allow me to lay extra track that runs from the under tree layout into the living room floor and back when guests want more track to run on. She though acting like a bridge and watching the trains run under her through the living room was a really cool thing too.

The Christmas layout has given me stories about people playing with trains from ages 3 to 73. All age ranges are or become kids when they start playing with them.

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