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I have 2 dwarf signals that use those annoying 2 prong red bulbs and green bulbs.

The bulbs are rated 14 volt.  Because of the circuit I have these wired into, the bulbs run hot.
Does anyone know where I can obtain an 18 volt version of those bulbs?

I looked into replacing them with LEDs, but it will be messy to bypass the current bulb sockets to connect the two LED leads directly to the signal’s feed wires.
Any suggestions?

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Generally you can control the individual lights via common ground circuitry and power them from an appropriate voltage source in the ~12V range irrespective of the track voltage.

One used to be able to reliably get clear #19 bulbs by the box from your local auto parts store and then use paint or nail polish to color them. I got a few boxes from my Napa two or so years ago.

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