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After some initial growing pains with the Lionel Breakout Board (BB) and DZ-2500, I have reliable non-derailing.  Then there was a good discussion on the need to add a 1N4001 diode on the non-derail wires attached to the switch.  Here is a diagram from Z-Stuff.


I added the diodes to a few of my switches before installing them.


After adding the diodes (yes, I have the stripe on the correct side), the non-derailing on those switches became very intermittent, or stopped working all together.  Since there is already some protective circuits on the BB, are the diodes interfering with those BB circuits?  Too much circuitry to work correctly?

While the diodes sound like a good idea, I am about to take them out of the circuit and hope the BB has the required protection.


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  • DZ-2500)diode_protection_diagram
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