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Just wanted to share some info regarding Ross Switches and the Z2500.  I just finished installing 34 of them!  Initially I was very apprehensive regarding the 2500 as opposed to the Z1000.  Totally wrong!

I have been able to incorporate the Z2500 to function on a Legacy based system WITHOUT the use of the Lionel SC2 controllers.  (A savings of 34/4 x $120 each).  Simply by purchasing the Z-Stuff Data Driver Module, $20.  Only 1 is required for an infinite number of switches!  This module will enable the z2500 to be connected to a AIU as well. 

I have the switches connected so they can be activated, 1) Locally at the switch motor, 2) Via a momentary SPST toggle switch located on a Control Panel, which also has bicolor LED's to show switch position, 3) Remotely using the CAB2 handheld controller, 4) Use the remote buttons, provided with the Ross Switches.  (This layout is Lionel only and is not using DCS, if it were they could be controlled through the AIU as well) .  Even been able to connect two switches together in either a X-Over, or connecting a WYE to 2 standard curved switches, so that they could work together by selecting one toggle. 

The key to the whole thing is the Data Driver module DZ 2001.  Z-Stuff has hit a home run with this device IMO.


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Don, I've had a few of the early ones (DZ-2500a) go out on me, but I like the DZ-2500c flavor.  And I totally agree about the DZ-2001 Data Wire Driver.  I'm not sure how many DZ-2500 switch machines it will accommodate, but the limitation is in the total length of the bus (~ 75').  I had to split my bus into 2 separate busses.  Good news though is that you can daisy chain DZ-2001s.  I still have 2 flaky DZ-2500a's on my second bus, but everything else works great.

And you are absolutely correct about saving $$$ using the DZ-2001.


G3 posted:

Dave...I couldn't find your post. It isn't on my wall. Please repost.

George (G3)

It was just a note saying I'm originally from WI and asking if you had any regrets about using ScaleTrax (and maybe more discussion). I'm torn between Atlas and ScaleTrax. No one carries it here, but I'll be stopping in at High Country Hobbies in Enterprise AL next month to have a look at it, they're supposed to have it in stock. I also added my email address ( if you'd rather reply by email than hijack this thread. I would have contacted you by email, but you don't have one in your profile.

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That is good to know.  I have many Ross switches new in the box with the older DZ-2500s I bought a decade ago.  Work and family kept me from building my layout until now, so hopefully if I have problems with them Dennis will continue with this policy. 

Just sent three back, all for different reasons.  One that went up in smoke and all replaced with the new version no questions ask.  I'm about out of the old versions 3 or 4 left. 

Was thinking of installing DZ1000's on my mainline so I would know they have switched by hearing them "click".  I've had a number of "flaky" 2500s that sometime switch when activated and sometimes don't, but the relay switches the track and then there is a short when the train rolls over the hot rail of the switch. 

I've done my homework and have taken those motors apart and made sure it is balanced blah, blah, blah...but still get the same issue...they work about 75-80% of the time.

Does Dennis still replace these switches?  Mine aren't "dead", but just quirky. 

Is it possible to have both DZ 2500 & DZ 1000 on a Legacy layout?

I have all dz-2500 with Ross switches and all non-derailing. With data driver. I use my cab1L to remote all switches. I also have the one button dz 2502 I can use to manually switch Ross’s. I have many old dz 2500’s that still work great, also they switch much faster than new ones. I also have a Ross double cross with dz-2500’s and with non derailing which was a little tricky wiring.

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