Where does one go when you don't have the answer to a train questions, the ogr forum of course. Looking for help again guys, I have a lionel Canadian Pacific Snow Plow 6-8264 that seems to have locked wheels. I think I inadvertently locked the eunit. I read in the instructions about how this can happen however it doesnt state how to undo it? 

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There's a fairly large metal lever sticking out of the front left side of your 8264 CP Snow Plow. That's the reversing unit.

In the up position, the reversing unit cycles forward-neutral-reverse-neutral. The down position disables it in whichever direction the locomotive was last moving.

It is possible to lock the locomotive in neutral preventing movement. Perhaps that what you mean by locking the wheels? If that's the case, just move the lever back to the up position.


Thanks again guys. After now determining that the level was working correctly, I figured out that this part seemed worn out (photo attached) My friend gave me a new one, looks made better, however he didnt know the part number. I found the parts diagram however I dont see what number it is?


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