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@G-Man24 posted:

Can't beat that old shag rug , looks like grass and has awesome sound deadening properties.  Just don't drop any small screws in it !


Lol, Orange Shag brings me home as well. we had a little rake to smooth out the track marks after the train went to storage for another year<g>

Loving the Switches, another of my major learning curves this year. Good fun with Pilots jumping the switch on steamers, Scout Bouncing the hard high spots, My little Alco New Haven diesel pair would not trip the auto switch because of traction tires. Gomez Addams Crashes were commonplace (sans dynamite, momma don't allow no dynamite playing round here)

I did practice Trumpet in fifth grade (met the love of my life in college, she played Clarinet, been making beautiful music for 47 years)  <tip o the cap to Trumptrain, a true musician and modeller

Its been a great ORGRR year for my learning, thanks to all of you <salute>

Kent <great posts youngster>

@MartyE posted:

I would guess this image is from 1966.  My dad, my brother, one of my sisters, and the short pudgy guy is me.  Dad had the best layouts.  I don't think he ever planned one out.  Just started laying track and came up with a design.


And the nice thing was with three rail your dad didn't have to think about reverse loops and other two rail track "electrical quirks" that could ruin an otherwise interesting running layout.

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