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I’ve scoured the internet to find a prototype of a Conrail boxcar or even a covered hopper with this scheme but haven’t found one. RR pictures, crhs, etc... I just want to know if Conrail ever had a 60’ boxcar with the same typeface/font & arrangement found on the left side as well as the “CR safety first” circle on the right side in the pic below. Anything stated in photo descriptions could serve as clues


A circle that has been split into quarters with “CR” and “safety first” inside. Also, the print in the upper right says “EL...” followed by 6 numbers. Indicating it’s former EL5EEC72B8-A620-492E-B2C6-FC0A00DB55E5

“Exceeds plate C” in solid circle. “MDV 6-76”C59A6CDA-28FE-44A1-B789-E24CC266EC83

help is very, very much appreciated!!!



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  • 5EEC72B8-A620-492E-B2C6-FC0A00DB55E5
  • C59A6CDA-28FE-44A1-B789-E24CC266EC83
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@Jeff78rr thanks so much for the help! ordered right after I saw you confirm!

Can add it with my other CR ex-EL boxcar that I picked up at York. Thought it was someone’s poor custom job.92708F96-529B-46DC-9475-8B47D216471C

turns out it ‘s not a terrible spin on this 50’ plug door CR boxcar. Note the blue is EL blue


Wouldn’t you know I happened to just find some prototype pics of two 50’ double door with that type of logo arrangement


Regardless, thanks a ton, Jeff!


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  • 92708F96-529B-46DC-9475-8B47D216471C
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@falconservice yup, wanted to verify it was prototypical befor buying!

I know both of you, Jeff & Andrew, are troves of great info. Have been looking for a prototype picture of this 50’ PS-1 Conrail w/ white door since I bought it in January:


I know yellow doors were for “clean lading”, I believe I read that white doors meant food only? Next to the doors it says “bulk feed loading only”. Model states on it that it’s class BE50F; CRHS states the lone boxcar in that class was a mis-classed BE50E.

just figured I’d ask while we’re at it


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@StevefromPA, in the Conrail Freight Car Color Guide (Morning Sun Books) on Page 53, there is a photo of the very car you showed above produced by Atlas, CR 208875, which according to the book was ex-EL 66553.

The white painted doors indicated it was for commodities to be eaten, be it animals or people. "Feed loading only" would be for livestock, whereas "Food loading only" would be for people... according to the text accompanying the photo.

Yeah, I may be a true 027 guy, but I still like to consult prototypical references. The Morning Sun books are a great resource. I do strive for some degree of accuracy on my repaints, but also accept the reality that I have to be willing to take some liberties.

Oh and PS: On your first photo, according to my book, the large CR letters (below the word Conrail on the upper left side of the boxcar) were actually cut from Erie Lackawanna paint stencils.

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@falconservice I know Atlas produces mainly prototypical models, main reason why I’ve moved towards them.
at York I bought a Reynolds Aluminum PS4750 w/ a USLX reporting mark but only fone pics with a PLCX mark.

So, I went to the Atlas table and asked the rep about it, who kindly informed me that it was indeed prototypical and USLX was an earlier rep. mark. I further discussed how I love Atlas’s adherence to being prototypical, complimented them in general and asked him to “keep it up” lol. We Also discussed how the website takes care to note items that aren’t prototypical. On another note- the 50’ GATX hy-cube on display looked AMAZING

@brianel_k-lineguy thank you so much for sharing that information and finally providing confirmation regarding this question I’ve had for the last 5 months! That boxcar is my favorite 50’ and possible favorite overall(love the “modernized” PS-1. 50’ by Atlas) I Had come across that the white door meant “clean lading only” but there was nothing I found, which I could substantiate, distinguishing that from the yellow door boxcars. Until your post- thank you again! I have to look in to picking up some of those books, I’ve been tempted at my last 3 train shows but didn’t/don’t know how much specific/hard-to-find information they contained vs. an internet search. However, your post has clarified that for me  ha.

Regarding the 60’ former EL boxcar using EL stencils for the large C & R, it’s certainly visoleucine. A simple comparison of the  C’s and R’s in Erie Lackawanna with the large letters on the Conrail boxcar certainly lend credence to that statement. Even when comparing(but it’s Atlas so I guess it’s to be expected) the Atlas O 60’ EL w/ that CR, there’s definitely a very strong resemblance. Thanks again for your help!

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