Early electric model train ....1880's

Hello all ....  electric trains go way back... .late 1830's demonstrated the principals of the mysterious electricity to the masses .  An electric train was an easy way to show the potential of one of the uses .  A simple loop of track a few wet cells and the little model would circle.  The invisible energy source  electricity. The first practical demonstration of the electric train to move passengers was in 1879 by Siemens at a Berlin Exposition. Edison the following year built a similar + -  type train in Memlo Park, NJ....parts of which now live in Dearborn at the Henry Ford Museum. 

Scientific instrument manufactures were quick to offer a working model of the magical electric train ... very high quality , polished for university lectures and scholarly study .   1882 Ernst Plank was the first to produce an "electric toy train" , copying the basic Siemens design . 

Here we have a sample of a Scientific Instrument quality electric train complete with original (folding) layout and traveling cases ...two rail, DC , 2" gauge , grooved drive wheel   to assure traction with matching outer rail also grooved.  Manufactured ? Germany / France 

And yes it runs ..

Looking for any additional information regarding these early examples of electric trains .


Anyone have a pile of wet cells and  some acid ? 

Thank you 

Cheers Carey 


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Hello all ... thank you for your kind words ...yes I 'm very fortunate to own the little early train ...it was offered in a German auction ...from here I obtained it .  

There are many variations on wet cells .... I think a more appropriate  cell would look like this ... from the 1880's ..and European . 

Cheers Careywet cell battery 


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