Hello  O scale world ..today steam engines steam ..but that was not always the case....  Flyer and Lionel had steaming steamers introduced  in 1946 .... but I'm talking early   has any one ever seen a Egolf engine with a smoke unit ? How did it work?    Egolf was one the earliest advocates for O scale ...    any Egolf models out there ? 

Below  a few ads for Egolf ..note with smoke !

Ads are from Model Maker 1926 &27 ..a full 20 years before the big boys had smoke ..you could say they got smoked.

Does anyone have an Egolf catalog /flyer ?

Thank you

Cheers Carey

M M Oct 1926 pacificM M Sept 1926 pacificM M July 1927 K4



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When I saw the email notification, I thought it was going to be about a ball game played on social media. 

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