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I'll be on temporary assignment in the Iowa City, IA area  soon and am looking for any local train shops .  I did see an old post referencing Caboose Stop Hobbies in Cedar Falls, a bit far but maybe I'll catch it on the trip in or out.  Thks !

Rich in SD

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Caboose Stop Hobbies is a must if you're in central or eastern Iowa. Plan on spending a couple of hours looking around and digging through boxes. It's not the most organized, so be prepared and the Atlas room in the back can be a little precarious, I'm always afraid I might knock something over and get buried alive. That being said, I always walk out with a few items and regularly find things I can't find anywhere else.

Just a followup to this thread regarding Caboose Stop Hobbies in downtown Cedar Falls, IA.   If you're passing thru the Midwest this summer, this place is worth the trip.  Old school train store, nice people, seating for 4 in the center of the store to discuss trains, or solve world problems, lol.   The charm, for me, is the time spent poking around in search of hidden treasures.  They seem to practice the LIFO inventory system, (last-in, first-out) so new stuff obscures the older inventory, how about a new MTH Milw TM w/ Proto 1 - it's there !   A mom & pop team have run the store for 50 yrs.  When I asked about retirement plans, the wife said "I'm gonna keep going until they find me curled up in a corner".    Rich, back in SDIMG_2970IMG_2971IMG_2969IMG_2984


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