I've been doing a lot of layout design with SCARM, and in general I like the program.  But @Mixy, one issue that I'm struggling with, is adding junctions to an existing layout.  For example, here's the first version of my layout:

first version track heights

...and here's the second version with another crossover added:

2nd crossover added

The only way I know of to locate the outer curve and the 2nd switch in the lower RH corner is as follows: (1) Add "dummy" straight track to identify the point of intersection; (2) nudge the switch into place with precise X-Y positioning, using the toolbox translocation command; (3) delete the dummy straight track; (4) Use the flex-track tool to add cut straight sections connecting the new switch to the existing track.

This is tedious and time-consuming work, which greatly limits the number of design variations I can produce in a work session.  It would be great if we could place the switch (or specify the desired spacing between mainlines), and some kind of "wizard" would auto-generate the appropriate selection of straight and curved tracks needed to complete the layout.  Another possible approach- is there any way you can select two or three points, and have the program automatically align the switch??  In short, what's the optimal workflow to insert a new crossover/junction to connect existing mainlines?

One other minor annoyance... Often when I first open a design, the track heights are visible by default (see the '0' in the little squares on the first screen capture above.)  Why does this happen, and can it be turned off until desired?  Thanks in advance to Mixy or any experienced user who can counsel me on these issues!

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.


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Hello Ted,

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution that can cover all possible cases for adding a junction or crossover to existing track plan, because the variations of all possible track plan figures, track systems, turnouts and radii are countless.

It is easy if you want to make a branch - remove the straight or curved piece where do you want to divert, add the turnout and fill the gap (if any) with another sectional or straight piece. That probably can be implemented as new feature in SCARM. But for most other cases (like yours), that is a complex task which will require some kind of A.I. in order to be performed by the software itself.

About track height markers - these are appearing always when you open a file, where there is one or more tracks with height, different than zero. In this way, the program shows you that the track route is elevated and some future joins may require additional adjustment in height in order to be obtained. If you don't want them, just press "H" key to turn off the height markers.


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