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Regarding “friends and family”, I tend to feel that PayPal have quite enough money already BUT it depends on the context. 

It’s like using “no frills airlines” like RyanAir or EasyJet. The “frills” which, by implication, are expensive trivia you can do without, are actually customer or regulatory features which have evolved over time, for good and sufficient reason. The question is, are they useful or required in that situation? If I can afford the risk, and it seems realistic under the circumstances, I sometimes use RyanAir (who know their business, after all). I would always look at the price because (like Amazon) there is sometimes little, or no saving in return for reduced service. Other times, I might use a scheduled airline. 

You're comparing apples and bacon here.  In your airline scenario, you are still paying for the service and ride.  With F&F your are riding for free.

Years ago I walked out of Target and inadvertently forget to put a tube of toothpaste on the conveyor a failed to pay for it.  When loading my car I realized it when I found it in the bottom of my cart and checked my receipt.  I could have taken the stance that Target has enough money, however I walked back in and paid for it.  Was a good teaching moment for my young son at the time too.

I believe that friends and family is for situations like when I move money from my Paypal account which is for my train activites to the household account to pay for something or to other family members for any reason.

When I'm selling train items to a third party, that's a business transaction, and it is unfair to Paypal to use their service without compensation. 


In the course of writing this, I've become convinced that using Paypal for free when selling something to a stranger is cheating.

When I sell, I try to make a video of the engine working and post the link, unless it is NIB and never been run, but I will post as such.  Some people want NIB, never run others would rather have it known to work even if NIB, but if it hasn't been out of the box, I will not run it, if I do I will advertise it as only out of box for pictures and testing.  If it is a super great deal or I know I am going to upgrade an engine to ERR, I may not care as much.  However, generally if it hasn't been tested or they say they have no way to test it I steer clear.


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