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1939 New York World's Fair is considered the big kick off of electronic television . RCA had a huge pavilion showing the wonders of electronic imaging ...broadcasting live ..millions saw television for the first time at the fair.
One of the "programs" was a bit coming to the fair where a model GG1 pulling the Broadway Limited represented transportation to NYC .
Ed Alexander provided the O scale models used by RCA & the Pennsylvania Railroad as one of the earliest uses of miniatures in broadcast.
Alexander introduced his cast bronze GG1 and cast alumuium smooth sided passenger cars on 1937. Cars have operating diaphragms.
For the broadcast Alexander built elaborate cantanary system as seen in the NYC - Phila corridors...sorry this model which can be used with overhead ..only using outside 3rd rail today.
To see train in action please see video link

Cheers Carey



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Great train Carey, it's interesting how these Alexander cars held their value over the decades. Below is a excerpt from a price-list from Blum's Hobby House , Cleveland Ohio from 1967.

Four car set of these Alexander LWs listing for $500 (!!!) The original Alexander catalog that listed them (along with those NH OB coaches) indicated these were available custom finished in either PRR or NYC too. Note the Hobby House listing includes a diner version, I would've liked to see how that got done. I'm sure that Pomona Valley C&O set would be worth a look too.

Kudos for landing these beauties, they're few and far between.


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Hello Pete thank you for posting the sale list 500 in 67!!- Blum never gave anything away ...but that some real money .

Yes Pomona anything needs to be checked into....

There is one other,set of the Alexander streamlined cars in PRR to find a set in,NYC.

I'm very fortunate to have the set came in a wood carrying case.

Cheers Carey

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