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Using my program ADPCM, which originally was written to play sound file clips on your PC, I have been able to edit the sounds in that file, download them to an engine and have the engine play them.

I've created 4 new videos:

1. ADPCM Video 3 - Demo of the various whistle clips in a sound file - this explores the different whistles/horns.

2. ADPCM Video 4 - Crossing Sound SXS added to a PS2 engine that did not originally have one

3. ADPCM Video 5 - Proto (or Quilling) Whistle SPW added to a PS3 engine that did not originally have one

4. ADPCM Video 6 - In my train room - operating the Proto (or Quilling) whistle SPW with my RTC program

You can watch these videos on my web page at:

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