Effect of lower voltage in LC+ with trad’l engine “lashup”?

I’ve hooked up powered LC+ B unit with a traditional switcher and they run great in tandom

to pull my twelve streamlined ACLs. But, will the lowered voltage (to control speed) do damage to the LC+ B unit?


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Are you running the B unit in conventional mode?  If so, and there doesn't seem to be any dragging of the B unit and it doesn't look like the B unit is pushing the other loco, should be fine.  If you are running in command mode and adjusting the B unit's speed with the remote or the Lionel app, that should be fine too, as long as the B unit isn't being dragged around or pushing the other loco.  Bottom line, if it looks OK, it should be OK.

No, the lower track voltage does not hurt them.  I have all the LC Thomas trains and they have always been run at reduced track voltage so the little kids don't race them off of curves on O27 track (But still somehow managed to smash poor Thomas to bits.).

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