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Starting a little thread to chronicle this year's layout. I don't have a permanent home layout and I do HO at a local club. However each year I get to take over a significant portion of our living room with my traditional O-27'ish Christmas Layout.

It's something my kids and I look forward to each year. While I handle acquisitions and track laying they are very involved in the setup and the frequent rearrangement of vehicles and figures that is a constant on this layout.

Speaking of acquisitions I acquired this 1950's gem this summer in a mixed lot but only ran it today. After a bit of hesitation it runs smooth and strong. In good cosmetic condition also. The constant bell is functional and I quite like it. Rear light works but it looks like I'll have to replace the front headlight.



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Made 3 eBay buys for the layout this year.


The big one is this U33B. A bit noisy but a good puller. My son really likes UP and I had wanted a "modern'ish" loco to pull our CNW/UP consist and this fit the bill.

Also this CNW caboose to bring up the rear.


I'm not sure if they ever rostered one of these, but it's my favorite of the small Lionel caboose styles.

The last purchase was this EJ&E Boxcar. As a child I lived very near the intersection of these two roads in West Chicago.  I was overjoyed to find an EJ&E Boxcar in the traditional Lionel size I generally prefer.



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