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From the Ogden UT Police Department via FaceBook:


On Friday November 9th 2012, Norman Keller reported his trailer containing over $60,000.00 in model train parts was stolen from the Motel 6 in Ogden at 1455 Washington. Keller travels across the country visiting model train shows selling parts and accessories. The trailer and its contents were Keller’s entire inventory and this theft shut his business down just before the Christmas season.

Ogden Police Department detectives set up surveillance at known suspect homes hoping for a break in the case. The detectives broke the case when they spotted some of the stolen property at one of the homes. A search warrant was served on this home located in Ogden and the majority of the 60,000.00 property was located hidden in the attic.

Detectives continued through the night eventually locating Mr. Keller’s trailer at another home in North Ogden. A suspect was caught in the act of spray painting the trailer black and removing the vehicle identificatio
n plate.

Property Detectives Connors, Eggerman, Ziegler, and Mackley tracked down the stolen property vital to Norman Keller’s business. The trailer and property were returned to Mr. Keller.

The main suspect in this investigation wasn’t home when the warrant was served and detectives are still tracking him down.


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Its absolutley great that most everything was recovered, but, from the picture, I assume this is a PD truck with the goods at the Police station.  Nice how they just tossed it all in there.


I dont know which is worse, not recovering the stuff, or the weeks to resort all those cabinets of small parts? I had an electronics repair shop a hundred years ago and dropped one of thoose parts bins, full of transistors,  I ended up just tossing everything...... what a mess

Originally Posted by Ryan Ward:

Its absolutley great that most everything was recovered, but, from the picture, I assume this is a PD truck with the goods at the Police station.  Nice how they just tossed it all in there.


Geez, Ryan, what do you think the police are?  A housekeeping service?  He's DARN lucky to get the stuff back at all, and very fortunate that the bad guys didn't just take one look and dump most of it in the nearest ditch.

Ryan, do you have direct knowledge of the condition of the items before the Police recovered them with the search warrant?  Anything taken via a search warrant has to be photographed at the location of discovery and again before being returned to the owner.  Having been the author of many search warrants, I can tell you the Police did not toss things as you made mention of.  When any Police Officer recovers property he is responsible for the condition and safety of the property.  Many hours are involved in obtaining probable cause and obtaining these warrants.  It does not happen like on TV.  No Detective is going to toss anything he has been involved in obtaining with a search warrant.

Originally Posted by prrhorseshoecurve:

But in this case, Will Norman get his stff back ASAP or will it be locked up until trial?

It was mentioned in the article the stuff was returned to him. Maybe they will keep a few pieces as evidence. I heard Norman was going to be at a local train in Sandy UT show this weekend. I will see if he shows up and see what he has.

Ryan, I am sure the police moved and transported the stuff as best they can, Norman had a bunch of stuff. I doubt the robbers too much care as they put the stuff in the attic.


Talking to my County sheriff friend who originally tipped me off to the theft, the thieves were more likely interested in the trailer than a bunch of train parts. IT would be a good snowmobile trailer and was probaly going to be put up for sale once painted.  In fact he was kind of surprised the parts were found in a house and not dumped in the Ogden  river

We were coming home from picking a trailer load of stuff up at my mother-in-laws house in Vicksburg MS.  We stopped at a Holiday Express in Greensville SC, just off the interstate, to spend the night.


Around 1AM I woke up all of a sudden and told my wife I was going to check the truck/trailer.  When I got out there I noticed the rear-end of the truck camper shell was open.  They tried to get into the trailer, but it was too much for them (or I woke up just as they were doing it).


All they got was a toolbox full of tools and a cardboard box of preserves my mother-in-law had canned!  The police said that these bandits hit places just off the interstate (so they can make a quick getaway) and they'd likely find them in a flea market in a few weeks.  Insurance covered the toolbox/tools, but it just crawls all over me that there's low-lifes running around out there.

Hi everyone,  I am Blanche & Norman's daughter


I wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everyone's support and good wishes.


I setup a Facebook page for them so that they have another way to contact everyone.  If you have a Facebook account please look up Blanche Keller or and add them as a friend. 


If you don't have Facebook account but would like to be added to their contact list please send an email to  


Again I wanted to say Thank you so very much for all the support.


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