Electric Paya O Gauge Steam revisited

I just read the closed thread on this topic while searching for a wiring diagram for the 2-6-2 Santa Fe. Can anyone here help? And one immediate question- When did Paya start outfitting this loco with a smoke unit? And what made the smoke. I did try google first.

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I once owned a couple of the Paya steamers I believe green and also blue 2-6-2's. The engines had a resistance type heater coil and a bellows that was mechanically driven to puff the smoke. As MIKETG indicated, the casting both wheels and passenger car vestibules, suffered from the dreaded zinc pest. The plating was flaking off the wheels as they expanded.

Eric Hofberg


Paya had beautiful colors on their passenger rolling stock, but the trucks were designed in such a way that they were very difficult to remove.  My Paya cars had a difficult time staying on the track and I finally got rid of them.  I never had a Paya locomotive but I understand that they were not good runners.

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