I have a circle of track split in half, two blocks. running the engines on conventional control. I am under construction and have both blocks tired together and the trains have been running well. Today the engine would run fine until it entered the next block and would slow to almost a stop. I check the voltage with the engines running,three different engines and the volts were the same in a half dozen locations.I also check the voltage with NO engines on the track and was getting 20V at each check point. 

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Do you have this problem when moving from block 1 to block 2 and also when moving from block 2 to block 1. How about when going in the reverse direction.

After the train slows down when entering the next block, does the engine pick up speed again?

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If I understand you properly, one block is OK and the entire other block is a problem. You may want to closely examine the bad block and look for something shorting against it. Did you connect an accessory to it or modify it in any way?

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I agree with Dale about the Voltmeter not being accurate since it's not a load due to its input impedance. This is the same theory when you get your battery tested at the auto parts store, they test it under load, vice with a voltmeter

Check your wiring for high temp locations, which will indicate a loose (high resistance) connection. I'd let the train run for about five minutes then feel your wiring, AND track. Your track if operating correctly (ie good electrical connections) will be cool to the touch. 

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Testing with a load will probably be a more accurate way to find this I would imagine.  I've seen joints that don't show up with an ohmmeter that don't carry any current without a large voltage drop.


My method doesn't use any electrical measuring gadgets, just the human hand.


Run your hand, in contact with the rails, over all the track joints. The spot that is HOT, temperature-wise is a trouble area. Check all the joints and replace or repair the defective pieces of track.


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Let me start by saying Thank You to all of you who took the time to help me with my problem. Now,"STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES" I have two blocks,each being supplied with two leads off a buss. Now let me say that my eye's are not what they use to be. I had placed three leads off the buss in one block, and only one lead in the other. I mistakenly took a metal rail connector as a plastic one, I use Gargrave Track. I put a temp.feed to the block and the problem was fixed. Again, thank all of you for your help.

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