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Ever get bugged by weird electrical gremlins?  We wired up three turnouts with relays to power the inner rails so car lights don't blink, etc.  All three are wired identically.  Two work perfectly with the non-derailing aspect in full operation.  The third one just won't work with non-derailing hooked up.  When the wheels hit the isolated piece to trip the turnout, the motor just chatters open-closed-open-closed.   Triple-checked the wiring and it's identical.  What the heck am I missing seeing?  Screwed-up relay new out of the box?   Hidden short somewhere?  Spent a day on it with no luck.  Hate to leave the new upper level with all but one turnout working correctly.

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Mike CT posted:

Picture of what Rod mentioned.  The small piece of white styrene was required to isolate the two short input rails.

I also use styrene where the short rails terminate.

I used the plastic joining pins from ROSS ... resistance meter indicates they are isolated.  It's the turnout where the newer upper level joins the existing main line.  The two are on different circuits from the Z-4000 and the problem turnout does not have a relay; just the two non-derailing wires and the left, right, and 14V ac lines.  The other turnouts on the upper level, all three of which have relays, work correctly with lights, BUT I had to join the ground circuits, the common, for both the turn out and the track before it would work with non-derailing hooked up.

I'll go over it today looking specifically for the situation with the spikes you reference.

Thank you!!

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