Any chance you could just embed the thumbnails and not expand all the photos?  It takes a lot longer to find what you're looking for if each post is pages long.  With a description, there's no need to actually have the expanded full-size graphic.

Here's a QSI manual for the below referenced system for anyone interested.  The PDF file is attached.


QSI Manual



Just a caveat guys:  be careful about posting materials that have been the subject of copyrights.  I expect most Lionel pubs have been.  I express no opinion on whether any copyrights have expired or not.


Expecting that there will be a fusillade of complaints, I state that I am only raising a caution flag and will not partiicpate in any discussions.  If you don't like copyrights, take it up with your elected lawmakers.

Great idea and I can see I'll be busy scanning numerous old manuals.


SUGGESTION for all:  Please include the year of publication in the original post.  Many of LIONEL's operating manuals use similar covers and titles.  Perhaps others do as well; probably easier to include the year in the original post than leaving it in the thumbnail.



Here are the Protosound 1 and QS2-Plus command manuals I scrounged from somewhere years ago.



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there should be links to Dale's stuff here too.

like this one:

I had to do a search for it.

I hope to add some of Stan's and G's too!

Hey, the heading didn't say old?? ELECTRICAL REFERENCE MATERIALS & MANUALS

 I just used Stan's post to do some MTH G scale cars along with help from CRH:


DSC_1090 [800x530)

DSC_1091 [800x530)

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!


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Originally Posted by OGR Webmaster:

At Gunrunner John's suggestion, here is a featured thread for uploading old instruction manuals and other out-of-print reference documents.


Back in the ?90's? OGR had centerfolds  - the train kind - of Lionel parts lists, work sheets etc. Maybe add those to this thread????


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